Riverstone Conversion


OakStar Bank welcomes the Colorado Springs branch of Riverstone Bank customers into our banking family! We will join systems over the weekend of June 29. On Monday, July 1, you will officially become a customer of OakStar Bank! We are excited for you to experience the many benefits of banking with OakStar. A few of the notable changes taking place with this conversion are listed below. For full details about the conversion process and key information, please review the conversion guide by clicking the "Conversion Guide" button below.
Why the change? 
The Colorado Springs branch of Riverstone Bank, located at 3216 West Colorado Avenue, is being acquired by OakStar Bank. As a result, Riverstone is joining OakStar’s brand and will operate as part of OakStar Bank beginning July 1.

Preparing for the Upcoming Change
To best prepare for the upcoming changes to your banking experience, we encourage you to read through the communication booklet you received in the mail. You can also find a digital copy of it here.(Opens in a new Window) If you have any questions regarding changes, please reach out to us. 

Routing and Account Number Changes
Your account number will remain the same unless you are otherwise notified by OakStar. However, your new routing number (086519159) is effective as of July 1, 2024. Your current routing number will no longer be active after September 30, 2024. 

Debit Card Changes
You will receive an unmarked envelope in the mail containing your new OakStar Bank Visa Debit Card approximately two weeks prior to July 1, 2024. New debit cards cannot be activated until Monday, July 1, 2024. Please continue using your current debit card until then. Please note that your old Riverstone Bank Debit Card will be deactivated on Monday, July 1, 2024, and will no longer work after that date.

Online Banking
Customers can enroll in OakStar Bank's online banking on Monday, July 1, 2024. To enroll, visit www.oakstarbank.com and click Login in the upper right corner followed by Enroll.

Account Conversion
Your Riverstone Bank account(s) have been moved into a corresponding OakStar Bank account. To find your new OakStar Bank account type and learn more about primary differences, please view the conversion booklet. (Opens in a new Window)

Introducing OakStar Bank
Founded in 2005 as a single location in Springfield, MO, OakStar Bank has grown into a collection of nearly 30 community-minded banks spanning three states. The word SERVE means everything to us at OakStar. Not only does it represent our core values— Stewardship, Empathy, Responsiveness, Vision, and Empowerment— but it also describes the mindset and heart we bring to work every day. We’re here to serve, and we create an engaging environment that puts relationships first and feels a lot like catching up with old friends. In fact, chances are good that your bankers and tellers at OakStar are old friends. We’re deeply rooted in our communities and proud to call them home.

We invite you to experience the OakStar difference. Every day, we show up with our Missouri, Kansas, and Colorado communities in our hearts, ready to serve our neighbors, friends, area schools, and local businesses. When we say we’re here for you, we really mean it. We’re right here, ready to find solutions, put others first, and get stuff done—because our communities are at their best when all its citizens thrive.

We encourage you to get to know OakStar Bank by visiting their website, www.OakStarBank.com(Opens in a new Window), and following them on Facebook (OakStar Bank), YouTube (@OakStarBankSpringfield), and Instagram (@oakstar.bank).

We're Here to Help
Your helpful and dedicated team at Riverstone Bank is ready to answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to stop by the bank or give us a call at any time.