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Business Services

Our Corporate Services team is here to help you every step of the way. Simplify your business life with our high quality product suite, coupled with the personal service you need and deserve.

Simplify your business life with OakStar Bank's low cost Merchant Service Program. Our in house program allows flexibility as well as unparalleled customer service that is often lacking when banks use third party vendors.

  • Credit card processing
  • Business consulting
  • Statement audits
  • Electronic check conversion
  • Gift Cards
  • Equipment sales
Contact your local branch or complete our secure form for more details. Underwriting requirements, conditions, and fees do apply.

Already an OakStar Merchant Services Customer? Visit our help center for assistance with using terminals, understanding PCI compliance and more or call one of our support numbers:
  • After Hours Technical Support: 1.888.292.5935
  • Software Support: 1.800.377.3962  
  • Supply Orders: 1.800.972.7815

OakStar Merchant Services, LLC is an Elavon Payments Partner & Registered Partner/ISO of Elavon, Inc. Georgia, [a wholly owned subsidiary of U.S. Bancorp, Minneapolis, MN].
Positive Pay. Peace of Mind. Stop fraud before it hits with OakStar Bank Positive Pay services.


With Check Positive Pay you have more control over the items that are being paid from your account. You can upload a file containing your outstanding checks. When a check is presented that is not on your upload an email alert will be sent notifying you to login and let us know if the item should be paid or returned.

  • Monitor cash flow
  • Verify presented checks before they post to your account
  • $50 per month provides priceless peace of mind

For more details email our Treasury Management/Corporate Services or office call Layne McBride at 417.447.9562.


With ACH Positive Pay, filters will be put in place to identify any irregular activity. Filters can be created by dollar amounts, debits, credits, merchant name, etc. We can be very specific to ensure that your account remains safe and secure. If an ACH item is identified through the filter you will be notified and will have the opportunity to tell us if that item is legitimate or if its fraudulent.

  • $15 Setup fee
  • No monthly fee
  • Monitor cash flow

Verify ACH Items before they post to your account
For more details email our Treasury Management/Corporate Services office or call Layne McBride at 417.447.9562.


Tired of writing checks? Enjoy the convenience of accessing your account at ATMs and wherever Visa is accepted. With the OakStar Debit Card you get the convenience of a credit card, without all the fees.

Contact your local branch or complete our secure form for more information.

Lost or Stolen Cards
If you card is lost or stolen please call 417.877.2020 during regular business hours.

To report a card lost or stolen after hours, please call 800.791.2525.

Fraud Prevention Services
If at any time you suspect suspicious activity on your debit card, or are concerned that your card has been compromised, please call 855.961.1602. This number is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Through TransFund, you will enjoy the convenience of surcharge-free transactions at hundreds of locations. For a listing of all participant locations, please visit the Transfund ATM Locator for a TransFund ATM near you!
How much time and gasoline is wasted driving back and forth to the bank to make business deposits? Now you can spend that time driving your business revenue instead! Thanks to Business Direct Deposit from OakStar Bank you can deposit and record your financial collections right from your business location in a matter of seconds. Save time and money!

  • Eliminates unnecessary trips to the bank
  • Extend your deposit deadlines
  • Eliminate deposit adjustments
  • Consolidates bank relationships
  • Improves record-keeping
  • Enhances research capability
  • Lowers risk of fraud

Try our Business Direct Deposit System for yourself. Complete our secure form to request a free test drive today.
With an OakStar Bank Credit Card, you'll enjoy important features like EMV smart chip technology for added security and mobile purchasing capability for added convenience.

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