Missouri Youth Checking Account

Introducing the OakStar Bank Missouri Youth Checking Account!


The OakStar Bank Missouri Youth Checking Account is designed specifically for youth ages 16-17 currently in legal custody of the Missouri Children’s Division.* The Missouri legislature recently passed new laws (see Memo CD19-53) allowing 16 and 17-year-old youth in foster care to open checking accounts in their own name without the signature of a legal guardian. OakStar Bank has created an account to specifically meet the needs of these teens.

The OSB Missouri Youth Checking Account also includes a Financial Literacy Incentive Program that includes 7 different online modules. For each module the account owner completes, OakStar Bank will deposit $20 into the account. If the account owner completes all 7 modules, they can earn up to $140!** This program is only available to account holders of the OakStar Bank Missouri Youth Checking Account. To get started, follow the steps below. 

Applicants must be a Missouri resident with a valid ID and provide a CD-277 Consent Letter completed and signed by their Service Worker. To access a blank CD-277 Consent Letter, click here.

For additional information, contact OakStar Bank at 417.447.0535. For more information regarding the Financial Literacy Modules, contact Robin Rees at rrees@oakstarbank.com.

*Only available to youth ages 16-17 currently in legal custody of Missouri Children's Division. Qualifications, restrictions, and limitations apply.


Earn while you learn with the EVERFI Financial Literacy Program!* 


*Only available to OSB Missouri Youth Checking Account Holders

For each EVERFI Financial Literacy Module you successfully complete, we will deposit $20 into your account!**

**Funds may take up to one statement cycle to be deposited. 


To Get Started

  • Select "Student
  • Enter Registration Code (Provided upon Account Opening)
  • Complete Pre-Course Survey
  • Click on "Banking Basics" to complete your first module!
  • Once you have completed a module, email Robin Rees at rrees@oakstarbank.com or call 417.447.0535. You can work through multiple modules or contact Robin after each one is completed.