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Introducing our new digital banking suite. OakStar Bank has always strived to provide the best and up-to-date technology and resources for our customers because our team is not okay with just "OK". We want more than that, and we truly believe this new digital banking platform is just that! Please use our FAQ page, tutorial videos, and our digital banking flyer to your advantage as we know you will have some questions about the new digital banking platform. Lastly, our team is HERE FOR YOU. Please contact our team if you can't find what you need here on this page at 417.447.0535! 

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Account Features

  • View Accounts
  • Transfer Funds
  • Deposit Checks
  • Tag Transactions
  • Create Budgets

Elevated Features

  • Secure Chat
  • Personalized Dashboard
  • Seamless Design
  • Light & Dark Mode
  • Additional Security

Online & Mobile Banking FAQ's



Why are we getting new digital banking?

  • Our customers asked for it, and we listened! Our new system has an easy-to-use look and feel, enhanced features, and additional tools that allow us to better serve our customers. 

Has my information be shared with a new, third party?  

  • No, your information has not been shared with any new third parties throughout this transition.

Do I need to re-enroll in online banking?

  • If you have previously enrolled in online or mobile banking with OSB, you will not need to enroll again. 

How do I log in?

  • Online banking: visit and login via the "LOGIN" box in the upper right-hand corner. 
  • Mobile banking: users will download the new "OakStar" mobile app in the Apple Store or Google Play store. 
        *Users will be prompted to set up 2 factor authentication

How do I log out?

  • From the menu on the left, click on your name and photo.
  • Select "sign out"
I can't remember my username or password. What do I do?
  •  You will be able to recover your account by selecting Forgot Password?

Can I still access my OSB online banking through a bookmark or a favorite?

  •  No, you will need to access OSB's new online banking to log in for the first time. You may bookmark the new page for future use. 
Has my username and/or password changed?
  •  No, you will log in with your current OSB username and your current OSB password.
What is 2 Factor Authentication (2FA), and why is it included on the new system?
  •  2FA is an added security measure that allows for digital banking users to use a one-time access code when accessing online banking. This additional layer of security helps better protect you and your personal information. 
What information do I need to enter for 2 Factor Authentication?
  •  You will be prompted to enter your phone number and email address. This must match the phone number and email address that we have on file. 
When logging in on my computer, do I need to receive a confirmation code every single time I log in? 
  •  You may check the “Don’t ask for codes again on this computer” box if you don't want to receive a confirmation code phone call or text each time you log in. We don't recommend having your browser save your password.
How can I log in to digital banking if I am unable to receive my verification code via text message? 
  • If you are unable to receive your verification code via SMS text message, select "Try Another Way" on the verification code page.
  • Select "Phone Call" and click "Next." You will receive an automated phone call, which will provide you your verification code.
  • Return to the verification code page, and enter the code.



Has anything changed on any of my accounts? 

  • Nothing on your accounts have changed. Your transactions will still be visible, and all of your payment information has remained the same. 

Have my account or routing numbers changed? 

  • No, your account and routing numbers have not changed. 

Is anything changing with any of the reoccurring payments I have coming out of my account(s)? 

  • No, all of your reoccurring payments that were previously set up will roll over with new digital banking. 

How do I view my transactions for only one account at a time? 

  • To view a full list of transactions for a specific account, you will select your desired account from the top of your digital banking dashboard and then select "Transactions."  

How do I make an internal transfer from one of my accounts to another? 

  • To make an internal account transfer, you will select the "Transfer" button, which is location as a button at the top of your digital banking dashboard. 

Where do I go to view my eStatements? 

  • Your eStatements are now accessed by selecting your desired account from the top of your digital banking dashboard and then selecting "Statements" from the list shown. 

How do I enroll in eStatements? 

  • From the top of your digital banking dashboard, select the account you wish to enroll in eStatements. From the list shown, select "Statements." From there, follow the prompted enrollment instructions.  

What is "Card Management" and how does it work? 

  • Card Management allows you to temporarily activate and deactivate your debit card if needed.  

Where can I view my Account and Routing Number?  

  • Select your desired account from your digital banking dashboard. Your account and routing numbers can both then be found at the bottom of your screen.  

How do I tag a transaction? 

  • Select the account that corresponds with the transaction you are wanting to tag.  
  • Once you are in the transaction, you will see your first option being Add Tags
  • Click on + Add Tag and start typing the tag you wish for this transaction 
  • Click OK when completed

How do I add notes to a transaction? 

  • Select the account that corresponds with the transaction you would like to add a note to. Select the transaction you would like to add your note to, once you are in the details you will then click the button "add note".  

How do I add an image to a transaction? 

  • Select the account that corresponds with the transaction you would like to attach your image to. Select the transaction you would like to attach your image to, once you are in the details you will then click the button "attach image".  

How do I customize the view of my dashboard? 

  • Mobile Banking:  From your digital banking dashboard, on the top right hand corner you will see three dots. Click on those dots, and you will see from there "organize dashboard". This is a great feature to customize your personal digital banking dashboard to your unique liking.   


How do I do light and dark mode on my mobile banking platform?
  • IPhone Users: 
    • Go into your phone Settings
    • Click on Display & Brightness
    • At the top under Appearance you will see the option for Light or Dark mode
  • Android Users: 
    • Go into your phone Settings
    • Click on Display
    • At the top of Display you will see your options for Light or Dark mode  
How can I change my phone number, or email address in digital banking?
  • You can update your phone number, email address, or primary address in digital banking. 
  • Log in
  • Click on the User Profile icon and click Settings
  • Click Edit next to your phone or email.
  • Edit your contact information
  • Click Save!
Where is the secure message center in digital banking?  
  • Once you have logged in to Digital Banking, you can select Messages from the mobile menu or you can click on the messages icon on your Dashboard.
  • To start a new secure message, start typing in the start a conversation box. 
  • Type your message and click Send.
  • A Experience Center Team specialist will then be in contact with you to assist you as soon as they can! 
How do I change my contact information? 
  • To update your contact information in your digital banking platform, go to "Settings" and edit your email and phone number. These changes will update your OSB account. If you don't want to update this information yourself, you can also contact our Experience Team as well at 417.447.0535! 
How do I update personal information in digital banking? 
  • Go to Settings in digital banking to update your information. You can access Settings through the sidebar menu in mobile banking or by clicking on your name on the top right corner in online banking. 
How do I change the order of my accounts displayed in my digital banking? 
  • You can rearrange the order your accounts display in digital banking to reflect the unique sequence you want. 
  • You will Log In 
  • From the Accounts click on the three dots and click Organize Accounts in online OR click the opposing arrows in your mobile banking app. 
  • Drag and drop the accounts to rearrange the order
  • Click Done!  


How do I delete an alert in digital banking? 
  • Alerts can be deleted an any time in digital banking.
  • Log In 
  • Select the account you would like to edit up an alert for
  • Click Alert Preferences in the menu or Manage alerts in mobile
    • Under Alerts 
  • Click the Edit next to the alert you would like to change
  • Click the Trashcan icon or click Remove in mobile
How do I edit an existing alert in digital banking? 
  • Alerts CAN be edited at any time in digital banking.
  • Log IN
  • Select the account you would like to edit an alert for
  • Click Alerts preferences in the menu or Manage alerts in mobile
    • Under Alerts
  • Click Edit next to the alert you would like to change
  • Change the criteria for the alert
  • Click SAVE
How do I set up alerts in digital banking? 
  • You can add an alert in digital banking: 
  • Log in
  • Select the account you would like to set up an alert for 
  • Click Alert preferences in the menu or Manage alerts in mobile banking platform
    • Under Alerts
  • In the Balance alerts section, select Add Alert
  • Select Above or Below, and then input a dollar amount.
  • In the Alert/Notify by field, select Email, Text Message, or In-app message. 
  • Select Add Alert to save the alert
  • Repeat steps for Transaction alerts


How do I enroll in eStatements?
  • Click on the account you would like to enroll 
  • Once you are in the account, click on Statements
  • In the Statements tab, you will see Sign Up/Changes - click here.
  • In that tab, check mark all the boxes you would like to enroll your accounts in
  • Click Save Settings

How do I view my account statements and tax documents in digital banking? 

  • Account statements and tax documents can be downloaded from digital banking. 
  • Log In
  • Click on any account listed
  • Click on Documents from the Account Details page in the options menu
  • Statements and Taxes will be listed for each year available
Will I need to re-enroll in eStatements with the new digital banking? 
  • You will not have to re-enroll in eStatements. If you have not yet enrolled in eStatements, we encourage you to do so. The new digital banking site will make accessing your account and statement information easier than ever. 
Will my eStatement and tax document history be available in digital banking? 
  • Yes. You will have access to up to 180 days of eStatements as well as tax documents.  
Ready to get started? Check out the above video for an overview of our digital banking platform. 

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