Deals, Rewards, & Cash Back

Get exclusive deals an 10% cash back from 417-Land's unique and locally owned businesses.

Download the Towny Rewards app and get daily deals, rewards, and cash back. Link your OakStar Bank Debit Card and earn 10% or more in cash back for your loyalty.

We love Towny, and you will too!

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  • 10% or more cash back on debit card purchases*
    • Get rewarded for your loyalty with cash back on all purchases within network, earned on return visits.
  • Get exclusive rewards and daily deals via the Towny Rewards app
  • One app, many businesses
    • Find great locally owned businesses near you
    • Save and follow places you love
  • No punch cards to carry or points to collect
    • Easily track your rewards in the Towny Rewards app
    • Deposit your Rewards directly into your OakStar Bank account*
  • Support your local community
    • Did you know... local businesses return 52% of revenue to their community, versus only 14% of revenue from national chains¹?

Enrolling is as Easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Download the Towny Rewards app:

    Download on iTunes               Download on Google play
  2. Register your email with Towny to create an account
  3. Link your OakStar Bank Debit Card to the app

That's it, you're all set up to earn 10% or more cash back*

How to Earn Cash Back Rewards:

  1. Earn a 10% or more cash back reward when you shop or dine at a participating business.
  2. Unlock your cash back when you return to shop or dine at that business, within timeframe specified in the app.
  3. Keep coming back for cash back. Deposit your cash rewards into your OakStar Bank account.*


Text 'banklocal' to 31996 to download

(*) When you link your OakStar Bank debit card to the Towny Rewards app, and use that card to make a purchase at a participating Towny business, you will earn up to 10% of that purchase in Towny cash back rewards when you make a subsequent purchase at that same merchant, within a timeframe specified in the Towny app. Cash back rewards cannot exceed the value of this subsequent purchase, which resets the eligibility timeframe on the balance of any remaining cashback rewards. Merchant transactions may take several business days to process. Cash back rewards are aggregated for each participating merchant and are made available to you for deposit into your checking account via the Towny app each time you have earned more than $10 in cash back rewards. Participating merchants fund all cash back rewards and all disputes, merchandise returns, purchase cancellations and/ or fraudulent transactions are handled according to each individual’s merchant’s policies. Returns may result in reduction of rewards. Redemption credits are applied to the account associated with the debit card utilized in the purchase transactions within 10 days of merchant redemption. Merchant participation may vary by market area. Cash back rewards are variable and may change at any time upon proper notice being sent to your mobile app or displayed on the program’s website. Enrollment, limitations, availability, redemption timeframes, terms, conditions and other restrictions apply. Program details can be found at or by contacting an OakStar Bank service representative. Towny is a trademark of Roll Forward LLC, registered in the U.S.A. Roll Forward, LLC. is an independent contractor to OakStar Bank, Member FDIC.